End Of Year Procedures

End of Year

MPS Parents and Students,

We first want to say a huge thank you to all parents/guardians who quickly became teachers in the midst of this pandemic. You have been very supportive of our staff and we appreciate your hard work with students. We also want to thank our students for their efforts during this time. We know it wasn’t easy but we appreciate all you have done to continue moving forward with your education.


Below are some important dates for end of the year school procedures:

Friday, May 15: This will be the end of our instruction. Students will not have to complete any work after this point.

Monday, May 22: This will be packet drop off day at MPS. There will be two large bins on the front steps of the school from 8:00 – 5:00. One will be for second grade packets and the other for third grade packets. As you drop work packets in these bins, please make sure the student’s name is on the packet. If you have any workbooks that were sent home, please keep those at home. That will be a resource that students can use throughout the summer if they need any additional practice. Also, if you have any remaining library books, you can place those in the bin along with the work packet.

Week of May26 – 29: Final report cards will be mailed during this week.

Many people also have questions about yearbooks. The plant that prints our yearbooks has been shut down due to the pandemic. We have received a message that they are now back up and running. We expect the yearbooks to be delivered to the school in early June. At that time, we will do a call out to let you know when you can pick these up.

Again, we appreciate your support during this time. We pray that you and your students are all safe and happy as we prepare to enjoy our summer.

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