Black & Gold Yearbook

Last Updated: 2/1/2021 11:21 PM
 History of the Book

 Although Jasper High School (formerly known as Walker) was founded in 1916, the school did not publish its first yearbook until 1923. The yearbook was published under the title ECHOES. It is rumored that the staff adopted this title because the hallways of the school "echoed" with the laughter and voices of students and faculty members alike.

Unfortunately, due to the same economic hardships that resounded across the country, the school was forced to suspend publication of the yearbook, and ECHOES was silenced. Later, seniors resolved that their class would have a yearbook, and as World War II loomed in foreign lands, the senior class began its work. The new yearbook emerged under the new title BLACK GOLD, reflecting the county's booming coal industry. Since then the yearbook has published consistently. The staff consists of sophomores, juniors and seniors who are dedicated to both academic and journalistic excellence, and its adviser is a member of the Jasper High School faculty. Each year the yearbook staff submits its most recent publication to a journalism adjudication service such as the Alabama Scholastic Press Association, the American Scholastic Press Association or the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA). Likewise, the staff attempts to follow the guidelines as set forth by the CSPA.

Pages and pictures from the book should not be copied without written permission of the sponsor and staff.